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Sixth Plate


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WELL IT ALMOST WORKED. Why would a daguerreotypist believe that he could ask a tiny tyke like this adorable diminutive girl to stand on his cloth covered chair for several seconds while he attempted to make her retaped sixth plate? And that there wouldn?t be any undue consequences. Really readers, I consider the likeness a grand success. Sure there was softness in the center, both because of his inferior lens and slight movement. The child?s head bobbed gently, but really I award the teeny tot a B+. She was a cutie pie! The vertical slash of white on the left was the operator?s reflector since the light source was on the opposite side. I believe that dark area on the right was a shadow cast by an adult?s elbow and arm. Reasonably, a grown-up had to be close by to prevent a potential disaster if flight was in the gal?s mind. A fine leather case completed the presentation!