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Sixth Plate


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HER MOM WAS STYLIN’! Those oval shaped thin metal frames supporting the lenses of her glasses made the lady appear to be older, maybe, than she was when she and her daughter were taken by Samuel Van Loan in his gallery located at 140 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. I suspect the pair commissioned him circa 1849 to have this resealed sixth plate done. I was astounded when I removed the cover of their separated leather case to see the elaborate costume the woman wore for her sitting. Van Loan made certain that the focus was on her, while the young daughter stood nearby. Mom was rendered with such precise sharpness. Her clothing was delicately sewn and the layers of lace were quite elegant. I bet her round brooch was a myriad of colorful hues. The patina encroached on the lass over time while her parent still shines brightly. Both the contrast and tonality of their likeness was excellent on the silvery mirror. A couple mold spiders and a few tiny white specks are present. Pale red rouge was applied to their cheeks. ?Van Loan? was boldly stamped on the octagonal brass mat.