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Sixth Plate


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HOPEFULLY WITH THE ANGELS. The sixth plate with a new archival seal most likely was a ?taken in the home? portrait showing us a frail mother holding her deceased child. How could a parent find the fortitude to hold a dead offspring while seated in front of a daguerreotypist and his camera? I simply can?t imagine the courage it would have taken. Because the operator was highly competent the light bathing the little girl?s face was inspirational and ethereal! The wallpaper and that makeshift white reflector opposite the source of the illumination strongly suggests they were posed in the mother?s parlor. Their portrait is riveting and very poignant. A tinted flower was in the child?s hands. The maker even embellished the woman?s elaborate brooch with gold. The previous person who poorly handled the daguerreotype made the mat scrapes. Patina follows the shape of the brass mat. There are some mold spiders including an odd one on the girl?s dress and almost invisible white specks. I know that most of you folks don?t collect postmortems . . . however if you desire a superlative likeness to add to your daguerreotypes, please consider this one. When their complete leather case is opened, you will thank me.