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Body Language Sixth Plate Dag


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Starting with the obvious, the couple was taken on a resealed sixth plate that was buffed in both directions and over time it has aged with patina covering much of the surface in willy-nilly fashion. That was one of the most decorative painted wooden tables I have ever seen in a rural daguerreotype. You might ask why I suspect that the pair were not taken in the city. No upstanding operator would have used a backdrop that had a diamond shaped repair in the center of his cloth. Of course, if only one person was being posed that defect would have been hidden. While the lady leaned left her solid companion, with very odd hands, sat firmly anchored in his position while narrowing his eyes watching the maker work. Maybe the fellow looked longingly at his partner? Both people clutched small books. The brightest areas were solarized blue. Pink was painted on the lady?s ribbons. Small mat scrapes and a couple dots don?t lesson my love for this rather strange likeness kept in a leather case with a weak hinge.