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Sixth Plate


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HER DOLL. Three little girls, most likely sisters, were seated horizontally on their sixth plate mirror that had been buffed in both directions by an operator who obviously hedged his bets during the preparation. The youngest kid held her sibling?s hand and a tiny doll. While the kids on either side had relatively normal appearing eyes, the youngest child?s were rather conspicuous to say the least. And her left orb was seemingly off set too. Both Casey and I tried to decide if they had been altered somehow. Eventually we agreed that they hadn?t! I think because the operator had less then perfect glass elements in his lens the natural softness accentuated the problem. There are various spots, dots, flecks and specks inside an outline of pale blue patina. The full leather case has a delicate roses design from circa 1847. New glass and an archival seal have been done.