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Sixth Plate


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SO WELL BEHAVED! A lad nicely attired and seated perfectly vertical for his archivally sealed sixth plate daguerreotype! Martin Kamer, my dear friend and avid collector of fine daguerreotypes mentioned that the material in the boy’s jacket was most likely linen and wool fabrics woven together creating a pleasing patterned linsey woolsey textile. The visual result was nothing short of astounding! He also suggested that the length of the coat was quite common in the 1850s for boys his age. The daguerreotypist not only created a wonderful likeness using illumination from almost directly behind the camera, but he also added fine tinting to his subject?s face and hands. The tonality is rather exquisite! As the kid is admired in the bottom of a leather case without a cover, the next collector will be enlightened as the dag is angled in different directions. Any flaws visible in my scan are less noticeable on the original.