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Sixth Plate


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THE “HAPPY” PAIR! Well, I bet they smiled after they saw this sixth sized likeness that has a new seal. Of course back then the leather case was not faded and the spine would have been intact. I suspect the gent was making some sort of facial fashion statement or else he would have shaved before visiting their small town daguerreian. Certainly his female companion selected the very best clothing ensemble, complete with that tiara, for their portrait. The fellow?s jacket seemed several sizes too large. What was his occupation? Look at his visible hand. Then follow that row of buttons upwards and notice that his vest was worn off-center. What a curious pair. Especially since she was whistling while the exposure was made. Patina flanks the duo on all sides inside the brass mat. Those dark dots are very faint. If you enjoy characters in daguerreotypes here is a pair for you.