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Sixth Plate


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SOLARIZED!!! Yes, there are very few itinerant sixth plate daguerreotypes that I pass by if the condition is acceptable. In fact, I purchased this heavily buffed fellow and resealed him in 1989!!! Here was the operator?s effort to reproduce him in radiant splendor. When seen in hand, the tonality and colors shift remarkably. While the spine is kinda sorta intact, if you buy this lad, don?t ever breathe on the leather case. Inside there was an oddly toned plain silk pad that has become stained over time. The delicate roses theme suggests that the handsome lad was taken circa 1847. While he remained calm, attentive and motionless, the inferior elements in the dag man?s lens caused parts of his portrait to be less then crisp. The blue dot on his jacket is harmless. The other marks around the periphery don?t detract from the teenager?s pleasant expression.