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Sixth Plate


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BONNETS GALORE! These three lasses, who might have been related posed for their retaped sixth plate, that was re-cleaned to remove unsightly tarnish and brown spots, while seated on three small wooden chairs. Each woman wore fingerless lace mitts. The girl on the left held a small Bible (most likely). Her companions each held a solitary card; maybe with the names of potential suitors at the ball they were going to attend after this likeness was taken. They must have been a wonderful sight sashaying down the wooden planked sidewalk near the daguerreian?s studio. With ribbons from their bonnets flowing and those voluminous dresses billowing out. They were illuminated from the left side of the room and a large reflector was on the right. That vertical slash of darkness coming out of the oxidation was part of the original process and we aren?t certain what might have caused it. There are some water stains on the left near the girl?s shoulder created by weeping old glass. It is unusual to see three females posed full length, seated together like they were inside a worn leather case that had a paper tape hinge repair.