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Sixth Plate


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DOG AND HIS MASTER! An archivally taped sixth plate of a handsome boy about 8 years old was taken 3/4 length. When I first saw the dag in an antique shop, buried in the back of a dimly lit glass case, I wondered WHY he was so far over on the right side of the image??? He was in a later plastic frame with no brass eyelet and I thought ?no worries? I will find a leather case. The dealer handed me the the piece and I turned it over and saw the price I just shook my head and went to hand it back when I realized there was a huge black shaggy dog posed next to the kid on a chair. When I got the portrait outside in the sunlight I was blown away at how wonderful the likeness was!!! There are tiny scratches on the cute kid?s forehead and also on his snowy white shirt. His friend moved slightly during the brief exposure. I can tell you all how magnificent and rich the daguerreotype is. The depth is superlative. The range of contrast couldn?t have been surpassed. There are mat marks in places mostly hidden in the patina. An elaborate book style leather case popular in the late 1840s, when the subjects were taken, completes the wonderful presentation.