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Sixth Plate


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ALL ABOUT THE LACE. The first thought that entered my mind when I opened the lady?s complete retaped sixth plate leather case was, ?Did she construct the intricate head piece and that broad white collar?? Even if leather kid gloves hadn?t covered her hands I doubt if they would have provided a clue. The sitter posed for her maker seated in front of a make shift cloth that had various uneven folds. She was at ease in front of the camera and her resealed portrait is framed by broad naturally occurring patina. The brown dots most likely will not expand and they are nearly invisible for the most part. The shiny marks on the woman?s dress were covered with gold chloride. It appears that light lit her from overhead. Could she have been taken in a daguerreian wagon? Otherwise it seems unlikely that an itinerant operator would have claimed a space with a skylight.