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Sixth Plate


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COMPLIANT BUT UNCERTAIN. This lad certainly didn?t trust Mr. Marsters from Baltimore while he posed for his resealed sixth plate. Did he nonchalantly hook his thumb in the pocket of his tunic? Lots of tarnish flows around the boy. I think that the use of this painted scene was unique to Marsters? gallery. The intact leather case had an older but commendable leather hinge repair. Opposite the child is a nicely embossed green plush pad. If the boy hadn?t been dressed in such a gaudy outfit that busy backdrop would have swallowed him up! We still would have seen his hand on the edge of that curious column and certainly those white pantalettes. His defiant eyebrows also surely would have been noticeable along with rosy red cheeks and lips. Marsters? rooms were located at 147 Lexington St. in the city circa 1851-1860 although he had advertised in 1860 he had been active 12 years, commencing business in 1848. There are mat marks on the right side and bubbles in the silver along the bottom.