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Sixth Plate


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“VAN LOAN’S GALLERY . . . 118 CHESTNUT ST. PHILADa.” was pressed into an unadorned rich burgundy toned pad inside a nice intact leather case constructed by Robert Jennings, a Philly case manufacturer circa 1848 to 1853. Samuel Van Loan had a gallery at the listed location circa 1850-1851 according to John Craig. However, the use of the arched mat and no preserver strongly suggests that either Van Loan operated earlier than 1850 at 118 Chestnut or the gent, whose likeness fits perfectly into the case, might have been placed inside incorrectly by another person. The artifact was double silvered. Curiously, Jennings’ familiar light blue label with a wealth of printed information was adhered to the wood underneath the newly sealed sixth plate, face down. Oxidation has accumulated in broad swathes around the fellow who appeared to have been relaxing comfortably while the exposure was taken.