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Sixth Plate


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SCARRED! I want to fire up my time machine and visit the gallery where this hombre had his resealed sixth plate taken so that I could have a frank discussion with him after his maker had handed over this portrait. I think he visited the daguerreotypist circa 1848 to 1850. His freckled face might have caused an uneducated person to relax initially in his presence but those cold calculating blue eyes and the multiple divots seen on his chin and cheek would or should have set of alarm bells. He sat stiffly on an unseen chair. Almost like he had an iron rod welded to his back. Certainly no sane daguerreian would have suggested the use of a head clamp on this wary fellow?s crown! He was extremely cognizant of his surroundings at all times. His striped shirt with a turned down collar and that silk neckerchief might have been instructive as more than a simple statement of fashion. As I continue to write while observing this fellow, I have the sensation that he is measuring the merit of me! Please look at the close up image that provides more details of his rough hands and fingers. Notice that he wore a pinky ring cutting into his flesh and look also at the lesions near the cuff of his well-worn jacket. Was that a large handkerchief tucked in his inner coat pocket that billowed over his partially solarized shirt? A later poorly repaired pressed paper and wooden case contains the fellow.