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Sixth Plate


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GHOSTLY ARM. The oval brass mat was stamped “ANSON” on the lower left corner. Rufus Anson operated at 589 Broadway in New York City making daguerreotypes well into the 1860s along with other forms of photography. Although the alteration in the tone of the dark backcloth is barely noticeable on the left side of the baby’s head, I think that a parent’s arm reached across the retaped sixth plate plane to cup the kid’s head with a hidden hand. But then again . . . maybe not. I can tell you conclusively that mom and dad must have opened and closed the case (now with a torn spine) at least one million times since the leather on both covers is badly scuffed. There is plate degradation (not green spots) on either side of the child?s moving head and a few teeny black dots on that curious face that was painted with tinting. That black mark near the kid?s chubby fingers looks like a splash of India ink! That white dress is remarkable and the patterned cloth covering a small chair and maybe a parent is delightful to look upon.