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Sixth Plate


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HE WAS A SERIOUS GENTLEMAN! Holding a cane with a leather thong draped over his fingers “Jonathan Eastman Miles? was ?Ma’s grandfather?. And according to the rest of the inscription on a piece of paper now housed in an archival sleeve this retaped sixth plate was ?A perfect picture of him. He died Feb. 1st 1860?. It has been placed underneath Mr. Miles, whose portrait shimmers with magnificence in a separated leather case. The gorgeous embossed green cushion opposite the gent resonates! This is a superlative very rich black and white daguerreotype. There are teeny digs in the silver on Jonathan?s vest and lovely patina hugs the oval shape. Rouge on his face didn?t soften the crusty appearance of the man! I would be remiss not to mention the extremely precise focus that revealed so many details!