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Sixth Plate


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EXCUSE ME SIR! Forgive me for commenting on the rambunctious nature of your overall appearance while you sat for this amazing conserved sixth sized daguerreotype. I couldn’t help myself when I took off the separated cover of your leather case and saw you there, looking directly at me. I wondered if your hair was always so unkept or had you made the effort to tame it just before the moment of silvery truth was obtained. Obviously that wonderful salt and pepper beard had covered your lower face for an amount of time, yet the moustache was relatively young. I noticed that you really didn’t care much for your clothing attire. One wrinkled white collar up and the other one slightly pressed down. And that vest of yours looks like it was even older then you! The cloth was crinkled and rather dirty if you ask me. That ratty jacket was in a similar state of being over worn in all kinds of elements. Who were you Mr.? Such a contented set of sparkling eyes while your lips were firmly pressed together. The oxidation inside the brass mat gave you a colorful appearance around the edges. All those minuscule specks and flecks are nearly invisible. I know I would have enjoyed a real conversation after you left your maker’s place of business circa 1850!