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Sixth Plate


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A FACE FOR THE AGES! Grandmother was portrayed in a classic daguerreian pose, seated stiffly with her arms folded across her ample waist. The woman?s sharply focused hands are worth a character study alone, since they were large and weathered from the toils of her life. The fine lighting emphasized every wrinkle and vein. They were nicely accentuated against her dark cloak. That wizened face was framed by a frilly white day cap that uncharacteristically mimics the shape of the scalloped mat. Next to her on a table was a large book and a magnificent urn filled with voluminous tinted flowers and a spray of leaves. While the props were close to the woman and competed for attention, it was the ancient gal?s constitution and presence on the retaped sixth plate that ultimately won. There are mold mites on the silver, a mat scrape and some teeny specks. The cover of her leather case is missing.