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Sixth Plate


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I KNOW . . . That it was difficult enough to reproduce subjects on their taped sixth plates even if the visit went smoothly. Of course, the process itself had so many possible pitfalls that I am still amazed how many extraordinary efforts survived. You might not realize this glancing at the woman whose clear eyes explored the camera, but her maker made an exemplary portrait. He posed the ancient lady with aplomb, managing to coax the female to remain completely motionless. He positioned her wrinkled hands to perfection so that everyone who viewed her mirrored surface would look at them first. That remarkable face, highlighted by a bit of red tint, suggested that she had reached an impressive age. Her clothing strongly stated that she most like was a gentle person and a member of the Quakers. That ornate chair supporting her and the large pattern on the table covering with a slice of book visible were merely props. Since the cover of her leather case has disappeared, each time I try to examine the venerable subject, she nearly smiles, gladly for the attention I have given her. There are dark dots, deep buff strokes and spotty tarnish on the silver.