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Sixth Plate


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NOT HER!!! A sixth plate of a youthful beauty identified in the bottom of her leather case that has a poorly repaired leather spine. ?J. K. Boswell May 29 /51?. That would be 1851 NOT her age. Just an impossible dag to accurately scan. The tinting was done with great artistic merit. The richness of the blacks was remarkable. The patina is quite advanced but couldn?t hide that bad mat scrape upper right that the person who poorly resealed the likeness made. The mold spiders and specks aren?t really obnoxious, considering the beauty of the daguerreotype as it is rotated and the gal is observed. Two tiny dimples can be seen next to the subject?s elbow near the mat. That was a stain on her forehead running into the lass?s hair. Her maker opened a drape across a large window on the right side to bathe her with soft light. As in most instances, a large white reflector was positioned on the opposite side of the room to soften any shadows. The teenager had luminous liquid brown eyes and small perfectly formed lips. Freckles frolicked on her face! The reflected depth was remarkable yet the most interesting visual future is the ever-changing blue hues of her silk shawl! Just on a whim, and I really don?t know why, but I opened John Craig?s “Daguerreian Registry” to page 42. Low and behold, Mr. John K. Boswell was listed as a daguerreotypist in Richmond Indiana. He began operations in 1844 and continued to 1860, having several locations in the town during that span of 16 years. Go figure.