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Sixth Plate


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GRANDEUR OF THE SETTING! And the gorgeous gal seated inside this amazing tableau was perfectly composed for her archivally taped sixth plate. There she was with a regal air about her next to that huge white reflector (solarized blue) on the left and placed in front of a huge wrinkled white piece of fabric. It also was partially an abnormal azure hue! A tiara of woven hair around bone or ivory crowned the back of her raven shaded tresses. Those matching dark dusky eyes reflected the main light source from the right as she peered down and away from the lens, which was placed on a camera that was positioned several inches lower than normal! The woman?s daguerreotypist created a sensational likeness using the flowing fabrics of his patron?s ensemble to majestically sweep our view from the bottom of the silvered mirror towards her serious mien. Naturally one would stop briefly to admire that brilliant sparkling brooch pinned to her ribbons. Actually all that I have mentioned was very impressive, but the true achievement was the man?s use of illumination to sculpt the entire scene. The angle of brightness on her exquisite face was classical Rembrandt style that he used so effectively in his works of art. The lines and textures of the backdrop were wonderful. The woman?s strength of character did not permit anything to trump her! The strange tones overall, done accidently, are simply superb! Any small flaws are diminished by the greater goodness of the subject?s masterwork. The leather case has a separated hinge.