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Sixth Plate


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A BIT FORMAL! This lad KNEW that he had an opportunity to have his likeness taken on a newly sealed sixth plate daguerreotype so he put into use what he had practiced many times in front of the hallway mirror. He preened for the daguerreian for sure. He adopted his pose of detached strength, looking rather haughty, directly at the lens. His maker pushed the development hence the reveal of those teeny white dots in the darkest region of the superbly shiny and reflective surface. I keep looking at the size of that linked watch fob and wonder how big was the timepiece? The deep depth created an added dimension that was already impressive when the fellow was studied as he sat upon a very ornate studio chair. Balanced light lit his features evenly. Red was applied to his cheeks and lips. There are wispy lines on the silver that mostly disappear. A large mold spider clings to his jacket. Rich patina hovers inside the brass mat. The leather case is apart.