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Sixth Plate


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WAS HIS TIE YELLOW? Well . . . the unidentified daguerreotypist who was responsible for the young gentleman’s fine resealed sixth sized portrait decided to paint that accessory with two pigments so that when his retaped likeness is examined inside the complete push button leather case, the fabric effervesces differently depending on the angles of view. The fellow was certainly attentive and rather casual seated sideways on a small wooden chair. He rested his wrist on the top rail and placed his other hand across his thigh. Those remarkable trousers he wore for the ?photo shoot? were definitely not off the rack. I don?t remember ever seeing a pair with that pattern before. The artistic background behind the subject seems like a scene from upstate New York. That theme was stretched behind clients and was popular in several daguerreian studios. Actually, looking closer at the kid?s wonderful vest strongly suggests he was one of the flashiest fashion aficionados in his local. Pale pink paint was also applied to his flesh tones and that ring (was it a wedding band) was touched with gold. There are mold spiders visible and weird lines of tarnish upper right. The case is also very lovely and the entire presentation is quite astounding!