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Sixth Plate


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SO CLEAN CUT! I wonder if the teenager’s mother was aghast when she gazed upon her young son and saw that unruly piece of hair that somehow was unnoticed by the daguerreian when he made the exposure on this retaped sixth plate? I chose to completely overlook that slight aberration because the youth was so perfectly composed and lit when he sat for his image. So many thousands of subjects I have written about have instantly spoken to me in a myriad of manners. This kid was a conundrum. I wonder if his rather bland facial appearance was also a mystery to young people who knew him? I am still waiting for further inspiration. I know that appears to be a vertical wipe in the tarnish along the left side hugging the mat, however even changing the angle of view and using a loupe, I don?t think it was. There is a mat scrape upper left and a silver blemish on the guy?s cheek. The leather case is in two parts.