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Sixth Plate


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CERTAINLY FRIENDS . . . But were the kids sisters? Don’t you enjoy looking at cute children who were posed with a spark of inventiveness and professionally placed with such aplomb on a restored sixth plate daguerreotype? Their unmarked faces were innocent but why were both sets of eyes wary. Were they uncertain of the process or did something in their youthful lives cause them concern? We all plainly see that the gals wore similar dresses and matching aprons. Each child wore a ring. I am truly hopeful that their darkened hands were done by overexposure to sunshine and were not caused by the jobs they might have had working at the dye vats in a textile factory. The brown spots visible in the reproduction nearly disappear when the repaired leather case is opened. The quality of the girls? portrait is sensational and sensitive! Patina and a couple mold mites are also visible.