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Sixth Plate


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A FIELD OF WHITE. The operator?s client was placed upon this restored sixth plate in a very skillful manner. Broad window light was controlled to give the gent a wonderful sculpted appearance. The focus was extraordinary. Contrast and tonality reached the top rank in daguerreian excellence. Setting aside the daguerreian?s acumen, let us examine the thin-lipped chap who wore a very low wiry beard underneath that anvil chin! His prominent nose and raised cheeks suggested power and sublime confidence. His searching eyes relayed sparks of deep intelligence. The vignette made by his maker enhanced the fellow?s level of excellence. I do wonder why he was positioned inside such a small oval opening? Patina and mat marks hug the brass edges. There is a colony of silver bubbles on his hair and the milky backdrop upper left and a smaller area 9 o?clock in the oxidation. The leather case is apart.