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Sixth Plate


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“MYRA SPERBECK . . . Sister of Dr. Henry Sperbeck Charlotteville NY” was the information that came with the lady’s fine archivally taped sixth plate daguerreotype. I wonder WHY Ms. Sperbeck was so finely posed with her elbow resting upon two books, with the bottom title reading ?Indian Wars?. Was her maker a devotee of history? Did Myra bring in the books herself because they had real meaning in her life? Or the most logical answer was the camera operator needed to create added height so his client could comfortably rest her fingers against her cheek! The focus was crisp and the reflected depth was superbly offered to all of us. That layered ribbon underneath her chin was an interesting fashion statement. The mark in the black cloth upper right was a dried water stain. Some meaningless mold mites and tiny mat marks on the left don?t detract from Myra?s likeness that is kept in a complete leather case.