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Sixth Plate


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WATCHING OVER HER! The serious teenager with a face full of freckles and most likely thick curls of red hair had a ghostly apparition (faintly seen in her resealed sixth plate daguerreotype) peering over her right shoulder. This is another example of a plate that was repolished and used for a second portrait. The original image was still there. While the female subject was someone ordinary, sitting for the exposure to be completed, I suspect in life she was more demonstrative. That vase of fresh flowers was wicked impressive. Beautiful flowing patina adds to the framing of her likeness. There is one faint brown spot on her striped dress not far away from the heart-shaped decoration on the strings attached at the end to a mechanical pencil or a Stanhope. The contrast and crisp focus were both exceptional. The complete leather case has a delicate roses theme circa 1845 but I believe our young miss was taken two or three years later. She sparkles when admired in hand.