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Sixth Plate


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WAS HIS CHEEK SWOLLEN? Notice those blemishes below the lad’s puffy lip. Did his father want to record the first serious scrape his son got in by having this sixth plate daguerreotype, with a new archival seal, made as a remembrance? Written in the bottom of the leather case, that was a missing cover was, ” Hugh S. Goslee Litchfield Con.” The youngster wore a flashy vest that didn?t really match those trousers. That heavy jacket seemed to be old-fashioned and somewhat tight on his frame. Hugh crossed his large hands in front of his waist and glared into the lens. With his face full of freckles, I wonder if he also had bright red hair. I have seen this unusual style brass mat used to frame subjects this way and also rotated 180 degrees with the point at the bottom. The patina is a bit wonky in the lower right corner and there are a few mold spiders. The dark mark to the right of Hugh?s head is a blemish in the silver.