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Sixth Plate


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DRESSED IN BLACK! I immediately wondered if the mother, who had her arm around her young son, might have been in mourning when they were daguerreotyped on a highly reflective sixth sized palette? Noting that there was also a black ribbon around the lad’s fancy hat would add to that direction of thinking. I also noticed that the woman?s wedding band was not worn on her ?ring finger?. After a short period of time after the passing of the lad?s dad, she would have desired to have this remembrance taken. Her son moved his handsome face but he did remain attentive. The lady looked straight ahead and her expression was completely neutral. Her blue or green eyes sparkled because the illumination from the window was reflected in them. Mold spiders, a mat scrape upper right, oxidation and various other specks and flecks are barely noticeable. Rouge was painted on their lips and cheeks. The intact leather case has a very fragile hinge.