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Sixth Plate


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FINE FACIAL DISPLAY! This gent had a “high” forehead and wonderful sculpted facial hairs. His bright eyes, aimed way from the lens were inquisitive. That striped shirt he wore for his restored sixth plate was an unusual piece of clothing that I haven?t seen often in male portraits. I wonder if that large dark tie was purposely pushed a little sideways to show the garment to all of us? I suspect it must have been cold in the studio, since the poser wore a heavy outer coat during the exposure. Someone who knew how to mix paints used a fine palette selection to tint the fellow?s face. I need to add that the holographic depth is extremely impressive. A lovely rim of oxidation gives the fine dag added brightness and colors. There are a couple mold spiders visible. The complete leather case with a red silk pad inside is missing the metal latch.