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A Lot of Pink! Sixth Plate


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It appears that the girl’s daguerreotypist had one pigment on his palette that he used with great success by altering the shading on her face, dress, and that tablecloth. The blue hues you see are all bits of lovely patina that furthered embellished the child’s fine sixth plate dag that was recently sealed. The pattern of her clothing along with the layered sleeves created the sensation of movement even though the girl remained motionless while she was taken. Her neutral expression and sad, tired eyes left me wondering, after I opened her thermoplastic case, why was she so demoralized? Surely a visit to the daguerreian parlor must have been exciting. Could this have been the initial event, sitting in front of a camera for the gal? The book she held was probably a studio prop. Gold and red accentuated the jewelry she wore. The brown circle above the furniture and the marks on one arm are noticeable at even the best angles of viewing, when that costume explodes in a much brighter color. The oxidation and the remainder of the specks aren’t bothersome. A bright blue pad is inside opposite the girl.



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