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Sixth Plate


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A “LIT” STOGIE! Who was this cigar connoisseur, posed so dramatically for his archivally conserved sixth plate portrait? With the upturned brim of his hat and that rounded crown, one might suspect that the self-confident fellow was a rough and tumble type! He wore his chin whiskers quite low and peered past the camera into space. Because his double-breasted vest was buttoned and he didn?t remove that heavy wool jacket I would suggest that when he was taken circa 1852 or later, it was in a northern climate long past summer. The man?s maker bathed him with bright window light from the right and balanced the shading using a broad floor to ceiling reflector opposite. He finished his subject?s face with touches of red rouge. Maybe as an afterthought the daguerreian used the brightest red paint in his palette on the end of the gent?s smoke! Although the ring of tarnish strays away from the oval shape, I believe that this was the original mat. His countenance has withstood the test of time in an excellent fashion. The complete leather case has an unusual design and a brilliant floral and filigree pattern stamped inside on the thin red cushion. I should add, that my scan pales into comparison to the original! The tonality was superlative!