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Working Man Sixth Plate Dag


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BACK AGAIN. Sometime in the mid-1990s I sold the wary workingman in a Daguerreian Forum event. The fine sixth plate was resealed by another hand using brown Kraft paper and the original domed glass prior to my own acquisition. There he was for sale at the recently held Boston photo show. Once again I was attracted to the large gent, who visited an unknown daguerreian when an obvious chill was in his operating room. The wonderful hat, his large dirty hand resting on a table next to a leather dag case and an expression that conveys (to me) a sense of respect for another tradesman but also a touch of uncertainty about the process. Since the silver has never been cleaned original patina flows freely around the fellow. There are a couple blue dots on his jacket and another in his hair. All the white specks are on the glass. One deep buff stroke runs left to right across the man’s shoulders. Naturally, it would have been nice to know what occupation the subject plied. He was prosperous enough to afford nice clothes and a technically well made likeness. Flowers decorate his intact leather case.