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Sixth Plate


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SPRINGFIELD MASS. David and Thomas Collins were Philadelphia daguerreians beginning in 1845. Thomas initially went to Massachusetts prior to 1850 capturing clients? images inside his daguerreian wagon. By 1853 both brothers worked in western MASS in a gallery located on Main St. in Springfield. David also operated in Philadelphia simultaneously. Their attractive patron visited this location during the three years the studio operated. She was posed comfortably and instructed to look directly into the lens. At the conclusion of the session, and before the mat and glass were assembled, pink pigment was applied to her face and pretty ribbon. Ample tarnish and teeny mat scrapes can be seen. White specks along with mold spiders are also visible. A curlicue of dust just above the part in her neatly coiffured hair was trapped under the gold chloride. The cover of her leather case has disappeared. The black paper strip label embossed with gold letters was commonly used by the brothers on their sixth plate images.