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Sixth Plate


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ALL ABOUT PERFECTION. Luther Holman Hale was an iconic daguerreian who operated his gallery at 109 Washington St. in Boston. While never mentioned in the same breath as his better-known competitors, John Whipple, Josiah Hawes or Albert Southworth; Hale consistently produced a myriad of fine daguerreotypes over a long period of operations. The care he took in daguerreotyping this man on a retaped sixth plate produced an astounding result that has withstood time travel until today. The contrast, range of tones and crispness of focus all were exemplary. A richer plate with more holographic depth could not have been created. The condition is pristine. AND the subject was eager and alert during the rapid exposure. I designate him as a professional fellow more comfortable working indoors than outside in the elements of nature. Although that beard resembled a thorn bush, it was still neatly cut. Obviously, the fellow cared about his overall appearance and selected a conservative suit for his sitting in front of Hale?s camera. The lighting was superlative. The brightness was so well controlled that it even reflected off the gent?s pinky ring. The nearly new complete leather case had Hale?s name and location embossed inside on a bright red velvet cushion.