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Sixth Plate


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LIGHTING FROM THE HEAVENS! Surreal illumination bathed the babe in pink who held a small metallic pail while seated on the top of a table draped with a floral patterned cloth that was tinted red upon completion of the freshly sealed sixth plate gem. The diminutive size of the child surrounded by vast waves of light and shade was either a complete accident OR the unknown daguerreotypist saw his opportunity to create a mind-boggling masterpiece on his silver canvas. The kid sat there shyly isolated (at first glance) until one realizes that the swathe of white on the right is actually mother’s wrist! The lady was cloaked in black and she reached across her legs to hold her other wrist with that almost visible hand. The surface magically changes in painted hues and intensity of light while the subject is so admired. Even the brown spots and mold dots don’t detract from the power of the piece. By the way, you did notice that the entire production was not even centered on the plate. I believe that a divine inspiration made the maker place the gal on that spot to create his visual triumph! The cunning child’s leather case is intact.