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Sixth Plate


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ENCASED IN PATINA. This pretty woman created on a retaped sixth sized plate wore an enormous cameo over one of those decorative ribbons that were attached on her elaborate lace pelerine. It was accentuated with a darker looped fringe material. She was taken circa 1847 and is framed by a PAPER MAT gilded with gold!!! Aside from the encroaching patina, the lady is really quite exquisite and in excellent condition. She resides in a very worn leather case that is apart. In fact, a portion of the leather is missing on the cover in the area of the leaves in the Delicate Roses design. Gold was painted on two rings and her bracelet. She held a small folded fan between two fingers and it?s angled down disappearing underneath the octagonal frame. The richness and creamy tonality is still very impressive!