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Sixth Plate


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ARMS AKIMBO! Okay, technically speaking, for me to have used that phrase the handsome lad should have placed his hands on his hips. But visually speaking, you get the idea! The young tradesman had rolled up his shirtsleeves, wrapped one upper arm over the top of that wooden chair (for added stability no doubt) while the lens was uncapped and his resealed sixth plate was taken. He wore a solitary metallic band on his bony ring finger. His clear blue eyes were focused on his maker who was standing just behind the camera. The artisan probably attempted to remove the filth from his greasy fingers before entering the operating room. Certainly that patterned handkerchief stuffed in his vest pocket would have been used to wipe the sweat from his brow as he worked at his unknown trade. Color was applied to the lad?s face and arms. The mark on his nose was darkened tint. The subject?s youthful radiance and self-confidence were readily apparent. The cover of his leather case has disappeared. Patina and brown spots are evident along with some large mold spiders. What a delightful daguerreotype!