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Sixth Plate


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SO STRANGE AND UNUSUAL! Well readers, I can tell you that since the little girl moved her head and closed her eyes, those orbs were painted in! Over time tarnish formed on her eyeballs, plus her entire face was slightly altered with white pigment. Her brother also had an eye thing going on but his were naturally misaligned. I really do wonder about his rather unique vest and especially those trousers. On one leg the stripes are horizontal and the other side has vertical lines. Then there is the most remarkable patina! Their maker used pleasant pastels to accentuate the gal’s dress, bow and those ribbons that cascaded down from her wide-brimmed hat. The boy’s woven hat, hand and shirt were made more colorful by the oxidation. I believe that the kids were taken circa 1849-1851 in an unknown location. The sixth plate has been nicely restored by the previous owner. He assured me that the complete pressed paper and wooden case was original to the portrait when he purchased it. He also mentioned that this fine very curious likeness was purchased in Texas by another dealer. The bottom of the case was lined with a portion of newsprint from a New York City paper. I would really love to know the siblings’ nationality. While their hands appeared to have been rather dark toned, both young faces were pale. Naturally, if they wore those hats outdoors much of the time their complexions would have been shaded from direct sunlight.