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Sixth Plate


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SO SERENE. An ordinary teenager visited her local daguerreian and after a brief explanation of the process, because she would have no doubt been curious, he positioned his patron on a stool and instructed her to pose as she is now revealed to us on her retaped sixth plate. The girl?s lovely eyes looked directly into the lens while her perky lips formed a soft smile. She projected class and understated elegance. The mat scrapes are dulled by the oddly formed oxidation around her. The operator must have used half a gram of gold to color all her jewelry! This plate changes color and tonality as the girl is fully appreciated. Her fine leather case has a horizontal theme showing a palatial building on the cover, ?Wolfert?s Roost?, a compilation of stories by Washington Irving, was also a rendering of ?Sunnyside?, his home located on the Hudson River.