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Sixth Plate


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STACKED HAIR. No folks, the handsome swain wasn?t dead when he visited his local emporium to have this retaped sixth plate portrait taken. The use of the dark paper decorative black mat favored by certain operators circa 1843-1846 did NOT signify death or dying, although a client may have requested this style for a deceased love one. It was simply a fashionable frame for anyone?s likeness. The occupant inside the octagonal opening probably was taken circa 1846 although the warped complete leather case wasn?t popular until a couple years later. The teen used his dark eyes to decipher the mysteries of the process while concentrating on remaining motionless. The soft spot around his bowtie was caused by faulty glass elements in the lens. There are random polishing lines going in different directions on the lightly cleaned very bright holographic silver. Oxidation remains close to the outline of the mat.