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Male Portrait Sixth Plate Dag


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INSIDE BIRD’S EGG BLUE! Casey recently completed archivally conserving one of the most perfect sixth plate daguerreotypes I have ever owned. And an example that is actually almost unique in the presentation. The piece, which is a remarkable artifact was purchased without a case. As I was hunting for a proper one I spied this magnificent empty wooden frame. (See second image). It has the original brass ring still centered on the top rail! The attractive gent was lit by bright light from the right side of the room. A reflector perfectly balanced highlights and shadows. The fellow wore a low beard and he made an effort to comb his hair. That was an impressive diamond studded piece of jewelry he displayed at the bottom of the V on his white shirt. At the moment, when I look to the left of my computer screen, this patron of the arts is looking back at me. I can?t overstate the brilliance of the daguerreian, the luminosity of the astounding character and the absolute beauty of the magnificent vignette!