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Sixth Plate


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CRUSTY OLD MUSICIAN. I recently bought the ancient gent?s sixth plate dag at a photo show. I had previously owned the ancient flautist or fifer in 2007 when Casey made a new archival seal. The thin brown re-tarnish lines on the right are the results of a previous cleaning by someone else. The other marks, while noticeable are not harmful to this wonderful character?s likeness. His leathery skin was deeply wind burned and suntanned. That coarse head of hair was untamable! The slightly solarized white shirt, tattered well-worn vest and stained jacket all hung loosely on his shrunken frame. Folks this is a tremendous character study that has remarkable reflected depth. Could this man have been old enough to march with Washington?s armies when he was a mere youth, and now, nearing the end of his life he decided to be recorded on silver? He was taken circa 1848 and his likeness is kept in a complete leather case that has warped over time.