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Sixth Plate


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SO NEAT! Even the very wrinkled cloth behind the perfect little lad can’t deter from his cute expression, well-groomed hair and his nice ensemble of clothing. The kid?s mother really desired that her son’s sixth plate, with an archival seal, to be a huge success. The best laid plans . . . at times went astray in the daguerreian area and so it was in this example. Her boy was motionless but because the operator didn?t have perfectly made elements in his lens, the soft spot that normally would have been below the faces of his adult clients hit his tiny client square in the face. Oh well, stuff happened! Really too bad since the chemistry was excellent. Great contrast and deep depth are seen when he is viewed in the bottom of a leather case without a cover. Slight mat marks and nearly invisible dots might be noticeable at times. Curiously on an old label adhered to the back of the case two names were penned on the paper, ? Sally Elisa Barber and James W. Jagger?!