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Sixth Plate


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“JAQUITH 98 B. WAY? . . . Was printed at the bottom of the handsome chap’s brass oval mat, which framed his impressive bust portrait. The sixth plate has been archivally sealed. The pleasant fellow resonates with resounding contrast and depth. Jaquith used a steady hand when he professionally applied pigments to his attractive subject’s face. He also selected a lower than normal camera angle to add prominence to his client?s likeness. Obviously he had considered his lighting scheme before making the perfect exposure so that only a sliver of shadow was created by the brim of the man?s rather remarkable dark hat! This certainly should be considered as an excellent example of a classic tightly composed bust portrait taken in the mid-1850s! Jaquith has never been mentioned as one of the great top-tier daguerreotypists, but with this exquisite sensitive piece, he could rightfully challenge any other operator. He captured the essence of his subject, revealing those crystalline eyes with great clarity. What isn?t there to like about his face and manicured beard? Aside from several minor mold spiders, the silver has aged brilliantly! A composite complete leather case contains the image.