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Sixth Plate


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STUDIO RESTRAINT! The saucy little lass probably wouldn?t have attempted to ?escape? during the exposure on her retaped sixth plate however her maker wasn?t taking any chances. That shiny belt belonged to him and he also most likely would have placed a head clamp behind the wary child?s puffed out hair. Her dark eyes bored into the silvery receptacle inside the camera. They reflected the primary light source from the right and also a white cloth used to soften any shadows. I also wonder if this daguerreian urged his subjects to clasp hands or did they do it nervously themselves? This portrait was cleaned in the past by a previous owner. Small brown dots have reappeared subsequently and also some faint tarnish just inside the fancy brass opening. A book placed on the covered table helped to balance the composition against the weight of the glossy painted chair. Nine times out of ten, a subject that close to a piece of furniture would have rested an arm on top. Maybe the child wasn?t being too cooperative initially and there was a valid reason to strap the kid into the chair! The spine on the leather case is apart.