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Sixth Plate


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“ELLEN BACON RALSTON . . . TROY NY” was printed on a slip of old paper in a more modern penciled hand. So . . . I don?t know how the identification was actually arrived upon, but it is rather superfluous when the charming lass is studied inside her complete leather case circa 1846. That style of a painted black paper mat was first used by Philadelphia daguerreians circa late 1843 until 1846 and maybe slightly longer. I suspect other operators used a similar style in that time period, however this type of frame must be considered unusual. This example, like the archivally taped masterful sixth sized portrait, is in excellent condition. Miss Bacon wore a stunning pearl cross attached to her delicate black collar. Beneath that was a large jewel set in an impressive brooch. She held a small open book in her hand and had a metallic or beaded purse suspended from her arm. Inspirational illumination from high on the right, coupled with a reflector rendered Ellen?s face with impeccable clarity. She projected inner strength and total self-confidence. The more I observe her beautiful face . . . (I know what you all are thinking, the price will continue to rise) and you wouldn?t be off base! The reflected depth was remarkable but it was the over all high quality of the likeness and the teenager?s appearance that will continue to resonate! There is one water stain near her lower hand and reformed patina inside the octagonal opening.