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Sixth Plate


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AN EFFERVESCENT GIRL! What was it about this adorable girl?s appearance that attracted me the instant I opened her fine complete sixth sized leather case? In that first fleeting moment I saw that partially tinted small bouquet of flowers she displayed. And the wooden chair framing her tiny body. Those pink ribbons flanking her pretty face were utilized in an attempt to tame her unruly dark hair. The child lightly pursed her small lips. Okay, I have written myself into a corner. Folks, it was the subject?s magnificent eyes coupled with her expression that immediately won me over. The gal displayed childhood innocence and calm savvy while seated in front of the camera. Her maker added blush to her cheeks and mouth for added effect that really wasn?t necessary in my humble opinion since the black & white contrast and tonality inside the oval mat would have been enough. As I examined the kid?s silvered mirror, she was rendered in a holographic dimensionality that only daguerreotypes fully reveal! Those mold spiders and white dots don?t deter from my admiration of this likeness. The faint mark on the right was a piece of dust captured in the gold chloride layer the day the dag was executed in the early 1850s.