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Sixth Plate


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USING HIS PALETTE OF PAINTS. A delightful granny wore an elegant patterned shawl when she visited a daguerreian?s space to have her retaped sixth plate produced. Not only did the operator capture her pleasant essence on his well-prepared mirror that had wonderful tonality, her flesh tones were colorfully done and great attention was given to that vase of flowers behind her. However, the pi�ce de r�sistance was the handiwork of hues applied to the wrap over her shoulders that cascaded forward on her plain dress. I love the soft flow of light and shade in the drapery behind the lady. She wore a pair of rings on her fingers. And held a small book and her glasses in the other hand, which also supported the strap of a small purse wrapped over her wrist. The leather case has a separated hinge. Two parallel dark lines are on the right side near her shoulder and others above the tome on her dress. Below that is a white area of water scum. Patina flows mimicking the shape of the brass mat and there are some faint mold spiders too.